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skincare steps

what is the ideal skincare ritual? find out with our easy to follow skincare steps

follow these simple steps

We frequently receive inquiries regarding the optimal order for your skincare regimen, so here is our guidance. If you do not use a particular product, simply move on to the next step...or consider incorporating it and observe the results!

Soothing reset cleansing oil by ästhetik skincare on white background

step 1

reset cleansing oil

apply several drops and work into the skin; it breaks down all oil-based products, including mascara (avoid your lashes if you have lash extensions) then remove the oil with a warm washcloth or damp cotton rounds (you’ll see all your makeup, sunscreen and buildup from the day come off)

refresh exfoliating cleanser - ästhetik skincare - cleanser

step 2


use any of your ästhetik water-based cleansers (ocean, milk & honey, clarity or refresh)

work into your skin with circle motions- now your cleanser, with its active ingredients, can clean out those pores

Vitamin C serum by ästhetik skincare, a natural, plant-based skincare brand, featuring a sleek bamboo dispenser.

step 3 (day)

vitamin c serum or hyaluronic serum

apply to damp skin on the face and neck- for best results

Retinol serum in bamboo bottle, ästhetik skincare natural, plant-based skincare for radiant, healthy skin.

step 3 (night)

retinol serum

apply to face and neck

liquid gold serum - ästhetik skincare - oil serum

step 4

liquid gold

apply a few drops and work into the skin

can be used day and/or night

clarity moisturizer - ästhetik skincare - moisturizer

step 5


apply to face and neck day and/or night: clarity moisturizer, milk & honey moisturizer, ocean moisturizer...and if you need a bit more hydration and skin nutrition, use our renewal night moisturizer as your night option

final step

bottle of asthetik skincare organic tinted mineral sunscreen spf 50 reef safe vegan cruelty free