how long does it take to see results from my new skincare routine?

We get asked this question a lot!! Because we all want it – the instant gratification. Sometimes I won’t order something online because I don’t want to wait for shipping! (How bizarre is that?!) But it’s true! We all have a desire to use something and instantly fix the problem, see the results, or benefit from our work. Trust me, I get it.

If you can relate, you’ve probably already seen an infomercial at 3am of a skincare routine making promises like: “This product will boost collagen and elastin in as little as 48 hours!” or “Your wrinkles will vanish instantly!” You’ve probably wondered: “Does this product really work?” or “Is this too good to be true?”

I HATE to burst your bubble, but yes- it is too good to be true. Let’s talk about why.

With the average person, it takes approximately 28 days for our body to produce new skin cells, and replace the old dead ones. This is called a cell turner rate. So if that’s the case, that means that generally all products need at the very least one month to work properly and produce long term, visible results.

Now this does depend on the product, for example, a top rated moisturizer will instantly hydrate the skin, while additional ingredients (and the elements that help penetrate the active ingredients deep into the skin) in your moisturizer will assist the skin cells in holding onto that moisture long term, and work on healing the skin as well. That process can take around 2-3 weeks to see long term change. However, a new acne care regimen could take up to 12 weeks to see change. That is because the healing process doesn’t happen overnight, it take a great skin care routine.

Let’s compare it to a breakup (we’ve all been there pal). One night with your best friends, a gallon of ice cream and a glass of wine will definitely bring instant results. Friends cheer you up, and ice cream and/or wine can boost anyone’s morale. But that doesn’t help you immediately get over a breakup. That takes time. We work on ourselves little by little until that heart ache heals up, and we feel happier and healthier. It’s the same with skincare. First of all, you’ve gotta dump that dead beat, ineffective, and toxic ingredient filled skin care line. The relationship is not working, and you’re only hurting yourself. You need a great looking skin care routine.

Now once it’s out of your life for good, going all out one night and breaking out the new and improved 12 step skin care routine will bring instant results- your skin will feel amazing… that night. But if you stopped there, over time it would go right back to the way it was before- dry, irritated, perhaps acne prone. By using pure, natural, healthy ingredients, the skin can heal and maintain a happy, healthy appearance over time.

I cannot stress consistency enough. Skin care is not an overnight fix. It takes time, please be patient with yourself. However if you stick with it, you will see incredible results that will help you look and feel your very best! Give it a go! As my favorite Television Detective used to say:

“You’ll thank me later”

Stay healthy!