how to pack skincare for travel










While traveling can be fun and exciting, it can also be stressful for you and your skin. Air travel can cause a significant amount of moisture loss in your skin, as the air circulation system decreases humidity. Travel stressors can also cause skin conditions to flare up, and you may not sleep as well while in a different location or time zone. All these factors combined can result in less-than-ideal skin appearance and texture. 

Whether you are preparing to travel for business or pleasure, packing the skincare products you need, in an efficient way is essential for hassle-free travel. Here are a few simple tips to keep your packing a breeze and your skin happy on a trip. 

Know Your Skin Needs

Before you start packing, assess your skin type and current skincare routine. This will help you determine which products are a must for your trip. For instance, if you have dry skin, prioritize your hydrating products. If you're prone to breakouts, bring along acne-fighting treatments. Prioritizing what your skin needs will also help with overpacking.

If you’re able, plan ahead and adjust your skincare products based on your destination's climate. For humid environments, lightweight products are ideal. In dry or cold climates, focus on hydrating and protective formulas.

Streamline Your Routine

Traveling is an opportunity to simplify your skincare routine. Avoid overpacking skincare products that you won't use, and focus on the basics: cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen. You can add treatments like serums or spot treatments if needed. Sticking to your essentials will help you focus on maintaining a consistent routine during your trip.

Opt for Travel-Size

Image of a skincare travel set from "ästhetik skincare" including three small white bottles labeled "ocean cleanser," "vitamin C serum," and "ocean moisturizer," next to a box with corresponding labels.

Unless you are going on a month-long trip around the world, it’s unlikely you’ll need full-size skincare products. A travel skincare set allows you to treat your skin no matter where you go. A set with the right-sized containers will let you breeze through security without the risk of having to trash your much-loved skincare!

Another benefit of a travel set is being able to reuse your containers. You can continue transferring your favorite cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and other essentials into the smaller, leak-proof bottles and jars to comply with TSA regulations and save space in your luggage.

Also, remember to use a clear bag to store your products. TSA already recommends using a clear bag to hold your liquid products. Keeping everything in a tightly sealed bag will help prevent any spillage or leakage from ruining your clothes.

Our asthetik skincare travel set comes with three of our best-selling products: the ocean cleanser, ocean moisturizer and vitamin C serum to keep skin glowing and healthy while traveling.

Prioritize Sun Protection

Sunscreen is non-negotiable, regardless of your travel destination. Choose a broad-spectrum SPF that suits your skin type and apply it generously throughout your trip, especially if you’re spending time outdoors and in the water.

Taking care of your skin while traveling doesn't have to be complicated. By packing thoughtfully and focusing on your skin's specific needs, you can ensure that your complexion stays healthy and radiant throughout your journey. Happy travels—and happy skin!