Good Housekeeping: 11 Best Face Razors for Women, According to Experts

Mar 19, 2024

Our beauty pros recommend these facial hair removal razors from Tweezerman and Billie.

face shavers for women

Let's be clear: You certainly don't have to, but shaving your face is utterly normal. Some women prefer facial shaving, or "dermaplaning," to nix upper lip hair, get rid of peach fuzz, shape eyebrows or exfoliate dead skin, which can result in a much smoother makeup and skincare application, per Alexis Pfropper, a licensed esthetician in Punta Gordon, Florida. "It's a quick and affordable hair removal method that can be done at home," she adds.

Shape eyebrows and remove dark upper lip hair with the GH-editor and esthetician-favorite. Pfropper appreciates their "precision and versatility in shaping eyebrows."

Pfropper names it a favorite because of its "high-quality blade and a built-in guard to prevent nicks and cuts while exfoliating the skin." That tiny opening is particularly helpful when touching up eyebrows.

Is shaving your face the same as dermaplaning?

Not technically. Often used interchangeably with face razor shaving, dermaplaning refers to a skincare treatment performed by a skincare professional.

Lozina says dermplaning involves a razor blade with a round edge. "[It] is used in an up and down motion to remove hair and dead skin. It's much more precise and removes much more skin than a traditional razor," she says. "Whereas, a traditional shaving razor is one, two or three blades in a row with a guard and is used in only one direction, against the hair."

Dr. Prather adds: "Shaving and dermaplaning both remove the fine vellus hairs or 'peach fuzz' on our skin, as well as other thicker or more coarse hair." The methods vary slightly but both aim to promote smoother skin and enhance absorption of skincare products, says Pfropper.