Business Wire: TSA-Friendly Skincare Travel Set Now Available from ästhetik skincare

Image of a skincare travel set from "ästhetik skincare" including three small white bottles labeled "ocean cleanser," "vitamin C serum," and "ocean moisturizer," next to a box with corresponding labels.

With the ästhetik skincare travel set, you never have to leave home without your skincare essentials

PUNTA GORDA, Fla.--()--ästhetik skincare, the Florida-based clean skincare brand founded by esthetician Alexis Pfropper, introduces the new ästhetik skincare travel set, equipped with the essentials you need to keep your skin glowing while on the go. The skincare travel set includes three of ästhetik skincare’s best-selling products: the ocean cleanser, ocean moisturizer and vitamin c serum.

“Traveling, especially flying, can be taxing on our skin and skincare routines”

The ästhetik skincare travel set is carry-on friendly, with each product packaged in TSA-approved 10mL bottles for a stress-free security experience. The included products were curated by ästhetik skincare founder and licensed esthetician Alexis Pfropper to help reduce skin stressors caused by travel.

“Traveling, especially flying, can be taxing on our skin and skincare routines,” says Pfropper. “You lose a significant amount of moisture in your skin, particularly during air travel where the air circulation system decreases humidity. Stress can also cause certain skin conditions to flare up, and you may not sleep as well while in a different location. All these factors combined can result in less-than-ideal skin appearance and texture.”

These factors are why the ocean cleanser, ocean moisturizer and vitamin c serum are perfect for the travel skincare set. The ocean cleanser is packed with 90 different ocean minerals and calming ingredients that soothe and balance skin tone and promote cell regeneration. The ocean moisturizer includes ocean minerals alongside healing ingredients like aloe vera, jojoba oil and shea butter that restore elasticity on a cellular level. The vitamin c serum boasts a concentrated delivery system of active vitamin c, with antioxidant protection that helps fade sunspots and discoloration. Combining these three products will help refine skin texture and retain moisture while traveling anywhere, domestically or internationally.

“It can be hard to travel with your full skincare routine and favorite products, especially if you’re being mindful about baggage,” adds Pfropper. “With our skincare travel set, it’s easy to take the products you need to keep your skin hydrated without overpacking. We can’t wait to see ästhetik skincare accompanying our customers across the world!”

The ästhetik skincare travel set is available now for $27.00 at

ästhetik skincare is a Florida-based brand created by 30 under 30 sensation Alexis Pfropper, a skilled esthetician and entrepreneur. Pfropper, frustrated by the current skincare landscape, developed her product line out of her Punta Gorda spa, using effective, clean ingredients backed by the science of pure skin™. ästhetik skincare products are made with plant-based ingredients and never tested on animals. The company is also fully women-owned and operated and uses renewable, sustainable and recyclable packaging and ingredients.

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About ästhetik skincare

ästhetik skincare, a Florida-based clean skincare brand, is dedicated to the Science of Pure Skin™. Founded and created by 30-under-30 sensation and skilled esthetician and entrepreneur Alexis Pfropper, ästhetik skincare was developed to be a real skincare solution – made from real, clean ingredients that produce real results for real people. Pioneered out of Pfropper’s ästhetik spa in Punta Gorda, ästhetik skincare’s revolutionary products are made from plant-based ingredients and are never tested on animals. ästhetik skincare is proudly women-owned and operated.

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